See how a web page is created from scratch in your browser

See how a web page is created from scratch in your browser

Surely you’ve asked yourself more than once how a web page is created, and how the browser interprets it; Now this experiment offers us something similar.

If you are lucky enough to have a quick connection, the process of loading a page is almost immediate, and does not give us time to see anything; only when our connection is having trouble, or if we come from the age of 56kWe will remember how tedious it is to wait for each item to load.

However, although it is somewhat tiresome, it can also be used to learn how a web browser works when it receives data from the server. This experiment allows us to load a post reddit enr / webdev in slow motion, to check the process of creating a website and how they are loading the elements.

A look at how a web page is created

programming website 2

In reality, the experiment does not load the elements as the browser would, but rather creates the page little by little, adding aspects such as the design and the links, showing it little by little so that we can identify the different parts.

programming website 3

For example, we can see how link lists are added, how the style of the page changes after loading the first elements of the file CSS, and how interface elements are added with Javascript. We also see comments from the creator of the experiment at some interesting times.

We can reduce or increase the speed, and if we lower it to the minimum it is like seeing someone write the code of the web page little by little. It is also used to see how the creation of web pages has changed, where now the style sheet and scripts are very important and the HTML file itself does not have much.

How to create a web page from scratch

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