Segway presents its new motorcycle, which will run on hydrogen

Segway has designed an extremely futuristic-looking motorcycle, a hydrogen fuel cell sports bike, named after an anima: Apex H2.

The bike will run on a hybrid powertrain of hydrogen and electricity: hydrogen gas stored in tanks will be converted into electrical energy through a fuel cell and fed to a backup battery, which power an electric motor that drives the rear.

The idea is good, although at the moment it is on paper. They have not given details about whether there is a chain transmission, since they only wanted to show some renderings with the final design.

What can be seen is that there will be an outlet at the front of the rear wheel, but all that will come out is water vapor. There are also no suspension forks, the front wheel appears to be floating in the air and the steering system hidden under the front fairings, quite a challenge to design something like that.

On the other hand, it is risky to bet on hydrogen (although there are already those who thought of bicycles powered by H2), since there are not enough recharging stations, precisely. It’s true that hydrogen has two advantages here: it offers a much higher energy density than lithium batteries, and it can fill the tank just as quickly as gasoline.

He has even dared to give numbers, both for power, 60 kW, and for maximum speed, 150 km / h, with less than 4 seconds to go from 0 to 100.

As for the price, they promise that they can put it at about $ 10,000, which is extremely attractive if we really get to see it on the market in the future.

What they have not dared to give is a forecast of the launch date, so for now it is only a promise that helps to draw attention to the other vehicles of the company.

You can see the details of this jewel at

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