Selfoss ”“ open source and flexible RSS feed aggregator

Users who consume information on a daily basis from different sources usually use the so-called RSS feed aggregators, although they also support Atom channels and even have social functions, such as Google Reader or NewsBurst, among others. But of course, they are services offered by third parties, and we still want to have a solution that we can control from our servers. There have always been solutions, but what it offers Selfoss goes much further.

It’s about a RSS feed aggregator what we can install and manage from our own servers, open source and under GPLv3 license, which is also flexible since we can increase its functionalities through its open plugin system. If it is already beginning to convince you, tell you that it supports mobile terminals, and that also offers the .apk to consult our sources from our Android terminals.

In addition to RSS feeds, also supports content obtained from social channels. With having a preferably Apache server, with PHP 5.3 or higher support and the MySQL, SqLite or MongoDB database, we can now install and configure this aggregator for our use and enjoyment.

Link: Selfoss | Goes: WebResourcesDepot

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