Send tweets with links that can only be opened by the users you mention


Many times the option to send things to Twitter users that only they can see is very limited with direct messages: either because we want to talk to more than one person, or for any other reason. For this reason, Bryn Jackson and some friends have set up the Privatize service, with which we can tweet anything and keep it safe since only the aforementioned users will be able to access it.

That only you see who you want

The service is very simple to use: We only have to enter with our Twitter account (with the OAuth for it), put a link that we want to share and write a tweet in which we mention everyone we want who can access the link in question. If any user that is not mentioned click on the link, it will take you to the main page of the service, and never to the final link.

The only thing is that there is a catch: as they say in The Next Web, there is no information about the methods it uses to keep those links safe, so you better refrain from posting truly sensitive links and reserved it for private things but that its leakage would not be a catastrophe. So yesIf you need a semi-private method to protect links on Twitter, the best you can use is this service.

Source | Privatize | The Next Web

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