Several portals with videos for the little ones

If we are tired of always using the same portals for our children to have fun, today we will discuss ten alternatives for you to choose the one that best suits your needs and for the little ones to learn new concepts through the educational and entertainment videos that include the following portals.

National Geographic Kids Videos

Small section of Nation Geographic to find hundreds of videos for the little ones in the house.

Kid Mango

Another alternative to entertain the little ones when we do housework, for example.


Excellent portal with hundreds of educational videos, all of them classified by categories which we will find on the main page.

Kids WB

A site created by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc ideal for our children to spend the afternoon in the best possible way.

Kidz bop

In a fourth place we find Kidz Bop a portal similar to the previously mentioned Neok12, which includes dozens of categorized videos.


Hundreds of free educational videos for preschool, elementary and high school students.

Nick jr

Interesting option that produces high-quality entertainment and educational content for young children on your television programs.


A portal similar to YouTube but dedicated to the little ones with high-quality content, all of them reviewed so that the user can navigate safely and without fear of encountering any illegal content.

Nick Kids Video

Nick is a portal created by the Nickelodeon television channel where we can find thousands of entertainment and education videos for our children.

PBS Kids

And finally, we told PBS Kids about a simple portal with cartoon videos, an excellent option for the little ones to learn and have fun.


In short, several options for our children to have fun on a Sunday afternoon and learn new concepts. If you know any portal similar to the ones mentioned above, we would like you to tell us about it in the comments section, in this way you will help thousands of users. Go to

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