Share the Twitter account without passing passwords with Tweetdeck Teams

Share the Twitter account without passing passwords with Tweetdeck Teams

On Twitter, there are many accounts shared among several people, who are forced to pass passwords with the danger that this entails. Tweetdeck Teams arrives to share the Twitter account safely.

It’s obvious: the more people have a password, the more likely it is that it will end up in the wrong hands. However if we want to have an official account of a website or an organization, sometimes there is no other choice but to let many people manage them and share the password. Now Twitter, through Tweetdeck, has presented its solution; It is not official in the sense that it is not available on the web or Twitter apps, but considering that Tweetdeck belongs to them, we can consider it as such.

Sharing the Twitter account is now easier

Tweetdeck Teams It is a new option that we can find in the Accounts section of Tweetdeck; Below the lists and collections we will see a new team entry, Team.

In the next menu we just have to put the user names of the people who will manage the account, and click on Authorize. Tweetdeck will send an email to the invited users and they will have to accept the invitation; Likewise, the person who owns the account will receive a notice that more people will be able to publish tweets.

The good thing about this method is that we do not lose control of the account as soon as we let more users use it; We can remove users from the computer without having to change the password every time we do it.

There are two types of user on a team, administrators (with the same powers as the owner) and the contributors, who can act as account owners (post tweets, follow and unfollow other users) but cannot see who is on the team, cannot add or remove members, and cannot access the account outside of Tweetdeck.

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