Share your position in real time with Wave

Share your position in real time with Wave

For a long time I have been looking for some kind of application that would allow me to share my position with other users. There are many alternatives on the market, but the truth is that With Wave I was surprised. It is a program that will let us know where our contacts are, but with some very interesting additional features.

Its commissioning is quite simple. We simply start the application, recognizing the same contacts that we have in the agenda and, later, we invite them with total freedom (they will have to accept it, of course) For me it has already become an essential, especially because it allows me know where the people I love are (family, friends, people from work) at all times.

Wave App, for everyone

Putting it into operation is, as I said, very simple. I enter the program, I give New and, finally, I select the people (one person or several) that I want to invite. Next we just have to wait for the recipients to confirm that they want to share their location. Don’t worry, all the data is sent from device to device, without going through the company’s servers. Also, they go fully encrypted.

You can also define aspects such as the duration of the invitation (in my case, for the example, I have put two hours) We can see our friend move in real time so you won’t have to eat your head. It is immediate. You can even cut the connection when you want.

Additional functions

On the other hand, we can also mention that the program have an internal chat Thanks to which you can get in touch, by text, with the contacts you have invited. You do not need to worry about consumption, since the application has been thoroughly optimized.

Wave is tremendously simple, but at the same time extremely efficient. Instant, very accurate (uses the GPS of the smartphone), free and multiplatform, available for both iOS and Android. Soon there will be a version for Windows Phone. You can download it for free from the app store on your phone.

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