Shock Clock, an alarm clock for those who have trouble getting out of bed

As many of you know, platforms crowdfunding Like Kickstarter or Indiegogo they have brought to life a great number of excellent products and services. Recently Shock Clock has caught our attention, a peculiar alarm clock that aims to help the most lazy to get out of bed.

As you can see in the video of the campaign that we show you at the end of the article, Shock Clock is a kind of bracelet with a peculiar operation. Once we have set the alarm for the next morning, the alarm clock will try to wake us up using three different steps.

First, vibrate slightly when it's time to wake up. A short time later it starts to beep, and in case we continue without waking up we will get a cramp. According to its creators, the brain learns in a few days that the vibration means that in a short time the cramp will arrive, so it learns to wake up immediately. That is to say, the goal is not to electrocute ourselves, but to change our habits.

Without a doubt, it is a most striking project. The proof of this is the success of the campaign: so far, Shock Clock has raised more than 10,000 dollars of the 1,000 requested. The device will be marketed for $ 99 this year..

Link: Indiegogo.

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