Shopify will integrate Facebook Messenger and acquire the virtual assistant Kit CRM

Considering that Shopify is one of the most important platforms that allows sellers of any size to create their own e-commerce stores without the need for technical knowledge, it does not stop looking for features that allow sellers to boost their online business.

In this sense, we have, on the one hand, the integration with Facebook Messenger that will arrive over the next few weeks, thus facilitating that sellers can communicate directly with their customers through this communication platform and in real time, being able to from answering your questions to receiving order confirmations, to the possibility of offering order information, among other capabilities.However, this integration will also improve over time thanks to the new capabilities for Facebook Messenger announced yesterday at the Facebook F8 developer event, such as support for chatbots. In this sense, Shopify is already working on the creation of its own e-commerce chatbot to function through Facebook Messenger, offering new possibilities.

On the other hand, we have the acquisition of Kit CRM, a platform specialized in the automation of online marketing functions. Basically, he is a virtual marketing assistant. Among its features is the ability to create ads for Facebook and Instagram, run email marketing campaigns, promote products to followers on Facebook, and much more.

In a message, they will continue to work on developing the future of e-commerce as part of Shopify, while Shopify sees this acquisition as its focus on reinforcing the conversation commerce trend. The details of the deal are currently unknown.

In any case, Shopify wants to be a leading platform in terms of electronic commerce, bringing capabilities that help drive and improve business in all possible aspects.

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