Shosho, to write without distractions in an online editor that corrects you

There are many online publishers to avoid distractions, in fact we have written about various options over the last few years.

It is important to choose an option that has few menus, that allow you to put a full screen, that correct errors and allow export of content in a simple way, and today we are going to talk about one that meets these and other interesting characteristics.

It’s about Shosho, an online editor created to develop stories.

It’s a writing, editing, and collaboration tool for stories. They define it as a mixture of editor like HemingwayApp and proofreader like Grammarly, for this the creator spent a year putting together a collection of 128,367 style errors to take into account on his platform.

Shosho is in Beta, and all beta users will have free accounts forever. They are already working on extra options, such as Comments / Notes, dark mode, folders, tags, improved speed, gamification and payment plans.

Once we create the account, we can put it in write mode, without distractions, and when we finish we can switch to edit mode, where we will receive suggestions to improve our content and correct problems.

It is designed to write perfectly in English, since the errors registered are in that language, since when writing in another language we will not be able to use the correction system with all its possibilities.

Hopefully it manages to evolve to be multilingual in the future.

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