SHRTURL, the shortener with which you can edit the websites you share

SHRTURL, the shortener with which you can edit the websites you share

It is clear that on the Internet you cannot trust anyone, even if we see it with our own eyes. ShrtURL is a service that was born in part to demonstrate this, and in part to troll our friends. At first glance it is a shortener of addresses like the many that exist in the network, without anything special; Only when we create an address do we discover its potential.

Ideal for trolls

ShrtURL allows us to edit the web page that we are going to share. We can change the text that appears anywhere as well as the images that adorn it. Thus, and with a little ingenuity, we can create completely fake articles with the appearance of a prestigious website (so we do not recommend that you use Omicrono).

Once we finish the edition, we will receive two links, one that uses the domain and another that uses the most recognized ideal to deceive those who already know this page. However with a little attention it is easy to find out if it is a false page, we just have to look at the address we have accessed and we will see that the page is hosted at and not on the website that we have supposedly visited.

In any case it can be useful to scare a friend, and to raise awareness among those who do not bother to see where they enter.

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