Siri creators work on Viv, a new artificial intelligence

It is true that Siri has very limited usefulness, but it is also true that it marked an important start in the world of assistants, of artificial intelligence for daily use.

Now, as indicated in the Washington Post, some of its managers have decided to continue advancing in the sector, and the name of the new protagonist will be Viv. Apple bought Siri in 2010, but its original creators are still working on it.

The first test, how could it be otherwise, was to place an order for a pizza. They only had to say to the mobile: order a pizza from Pizza Chicago near my office, so that Viv began the dialogue asking for details (such as ingredients, for example) before successfully placing the order.

It is a project that is being developed among eight engineers, an artificial intelligence that has been under construction for four years in Silicon Valley and that has already received purchase proposals from Google and Facebook.

The difference between Viv and Siri

Most virtual assistants today can understand a series of definite questions, but they have to be said very precisely, it is not a spontaneous dialogue. Viv will be able to interpret the phrases, imitate spontaneity, and that will be what ends up convincing the general public, according to their creators. We can, for example, order cinema tickets, dinner and some flowers in one order, leaving Viv to separate and attend to each concept independently without affecting the fluidity of interaction with humans.

It was shown this past Monday publicly at a conference, where they indicated that we will see Viv in operation this year, so it is not long before we can have her on hand.

The official site of the company responsible for Viv, Viv Labs, is We'll be alert.

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