Skype adds new functions to customize the view of video calls

Microsoft announced a new version of Skype that brings a series of improvements and some new features.

When we talk about options for making video calls, we think of Google Meet, Duo, WhatsApp, among others. And of course, leading the Zoom list. And if we look for options in the Microsoft product ecosystem, we think of Teams.

We have seen how Microsoft Teams has reinforced the bet with many functions dedicated to video calls, taking advantage of the potential of AI. However, Skype has not stopped receiving interesting updates for its users.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Skype has received updates that enhance its functionality and adjust to the needs of users. And in its latest version, Skype brings news for all platforms. For example, the web and desktop versions now add more options to customize the background in video calls. In addition to selecting their own fund, the user can choose some of the funds suggested by Microsoft.

And a new feature that Skype shares across platforms is the increased ability to view people in the view grid. If you use Skype on the web or on one of its desktop versions you will see that the capacity increases up to 12 users per view.

In the case of the Skype apps for iOS and Android, the grid view is updated up to 8 from the mobile, and 9 users if the video call is from a tablet. And if you’ve had problems syncing your Skype conversations in the last few weeks, don’t worry, you can fix it by updating to this latest version.

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