Slack’s plans to offer more communication options besides chat

Currently, Slack is one of the favorite platforms for communication and coordination of work teams online.

Its functions are predominantly text-based, but among its plans for the future, the platform has considered its extension to new formats.

Video coming to Slack in story format

The plans of this communication platform are far from becoming an alternative to the video calling platforms already present and consolidated in the market, such as Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. The strategy focuses on outlining this new alternative as a complement to these tools.

Slack’s commitment to asynchronous content, in a format similar to Instagram Stories, but adapted to the context of internal organizational communications.

When someone in a work group needs to make an important announcement, they can make use of this tool to leave a video message, limited to the precise time, so that it can be reviewed by those who make up the team in question without the need to meet.

In a entry published a few days ago on the Slack blog, Tamar Yehoshua, Product Director of the platform, commented on this movement that If ad hoc audio communication is the hallway chat of this new future, then we need a replacement for non-scheduled and video meetings. We need to reduce team fatigue while improving membership. To help with this, we are piloting ways to shift meetings to an asynchronous video experience that feels native to Slack. It allows us to express nuances and enthusiasm, without an encounter.

Audio rooms in Slack, as in Clubhouse

This has been a booming format for the last time, hand in hand with Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces and other similar platforms.

Adding an audio communication space to Slack is not an entirely new idea, according to rumors that have been circulating for a while. Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack was asked about it, precisely in a chat by Clubhouse. Ah commented:

I have always believed in that good artists copy and great artists steal, so essentially we’re just building the Clubhouse in Slack. (…) Instead of a call that starts and stops, it is an incredible model to foster that spontaneity (…).

In that same conversation, archived March 26 via transcript, along with conceptually introducing this initiative they seek to implement in Slack, Butterfield confirmed that Slack Stories are already in beta development. Neither project has been presented with specific time projections for its final launch.

Notions about both initiatives were already being handled since last year, as a consequence of the paradigm shift in communications caused by the pandemic. In the midst of this process of adaptation and reinvention, here are some of the most eye-catching plans that are in the sights of Slack.

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