Smart bottle allows to analyze the quality of the water and eliminate part of its contaminants

Is the water we drink safe? To answer this question, a smart bottle has been created that offers information on the quality of the water that has been introduced into it. The bottle itself warns by LED screen about the quality of the water it contains, and even that information will also be reflected in more detail through the mobile application that it has, which also has other functions.

What's more, it gives the possibility of eliminating most of the chemical contaminants that it has thanks to its 3-in-1 filter system, including pesticides, fertilizers, chlorine, chromium, mercury, lead and bacteria, among others.The name of the smart bottle is Ecomo and it belongs to the emerging technology company Ecomo Inc., focused on offering technological products to encourage people to lead healthy lives.

In fact, its smart bottle is its first product, currently receiving financing through a campaign of crowdfunding through the Kickstater platform, where they have proposed to obtain 50,000 dollars of goal, although today that figure has been far exceeded, and that still has 41 days of campaign.

To carry out the water quality test, you only have to shake the bottle itself, and to filter the contaminants, you just have to turn it. A system of LED lights warn of the moment in which the filters must be replaced by new ones.

Through the page in its campaign it offers complete information on its operation. Those sponsors who have opted for units of the bottle and even of filters will have their rewards in the month of March 2017, at which time they will proceed to the shipments worldwide.

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