Smartpixel Screen Recorder, to record video games of games from Android phones

Smartpixel screen recorder is an interesting free application for Android phones that allows users, without having their rooted devices, to capture in video their best games of those games that they have installed on them, in addition to editing and publishing them both on YouTube like on Twitter and Facebook. In other words, it is a solution for screen recording in video and subsequent editing and publishing, with a particular focus on capturing video games.

In addition to being able to publish the videos on the aforementioned social platforms, it also allows you to store the recordings in the GoPlay cloud for free, which avoids the saturation of the storage of the phones.

Its ease of use and versatility when recording content on the screen in high definition make it one of the best free solutions when recording video games that are played on your Android phones.

Users will be able to choose different recording qualities up to 720p, and they will even be able to get their voiceovers in the same recordings since SmartPixel allows to capture the audio from the microphone of their devices.

Smartpixel screen recorder is available for free only for those Android phones that have from version 4.0.3 onwards through Google Play, currently under version 2.0, although it is also expected to arrive in iOS soon. SmartPixel is also available as a desktop application for Windows systems.

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