smooch, the communication platform integration platform, now integrates with Messenger

If your clients use Facebook messenger to find contact with your company, but behind you you only use slack, for example, now smooch can also help.

smooch has been helping to integrate communication platforms since 2014 so that it never matters where the customer contacts or where the company responds. Smooch is in charge of synchronizing messages between different systems, both messenger and CRM, among others, so that a message is never lost, and so it is not necessary to jump from one to another site.

Now they announce what many expected: integration with Facebook messenger, and it continues to be free for those who have no more than 10,000 customers a month.

The question they want to answer with this solution is simple:

Why manage messages within Messenger if your company already uses a customer service tool or customer service?

With Smooch we can chat with Messenger and manage the information in one place, including email and SMS. We can even include calls to action, such as See More or Watch Now from smooch, as well as answering directly from the company's CRM.

Robots can also be programmed to respond automatically using search engines, as well as to greet or rate the conversation.

A great step for the integration of communication between customers and company.

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