So we can earn money with short videos on Facebook

Facebook wants content creators to make a career out of its platform, and for this it has announced better monetization options for the video content that we upload on its social network.

It was Yoav Arnstein, director of monetization of the Facebook application, who announced the changes indicating that in-stream ads could be included in videos of just one minute.

Until now the ads could only appear in videos with a minimum of 3 minutes, which means that Facebook has done what the rest do, they bet on short videos after reaching the conclusion that fewer and fewer people are staying. more than a minute in the same video.

Ads will play after the first 30 seconds of short videos, and will offer rewards when there is product interaction. The objective is clear, to increase the payments of the creators to be able to obtain more income with this increasingly popular content.

Initially the ads will look like stickers in Facebook Stories, and then they will try other formats.

Facebook splits the revenue from these ads with the video creators and says it is also updating the program’s criteria. To participate, Facebook pages must now have 600,000 minutes of watch time on all videos (previously only videos of three minutes or more were counted) during the last 60 days and five or more active or live videos.

Until now it only worked with an invitation system, but from now on you will only have to have those minimum requirements to be able to participate in the monetization program. Facebook will invest $ 7 million to encourage the adoption of Stars (a virtual currency that fans can use to support creators).

You can get more information at and in the Facebook blog note.

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