Solar Simulator, an app for Google's Project Tango

The solar system at scale in a project based on the famous Project Tango, that's what Google now presents, available at

The objective is to better understand the scale of our solar system, and for this, three students from the San Francisco State University, Jason Burmark, Moses Lee and Omar Shaikh, who have created a new application for Project Tango that allows a virtual tour of the planets that surround us. Tango allows us to have a device capable of monitoring movement and giving depth perception, thus allowing us to take Augmented Reality to another level.

Created with Unity SDK, it shows the distances of the three-dimensional models following real scales. Take advantage of the ability to monitor the movement of Project Tango so that we can walk around the stage, as if we were Carl Sagan in the classic Cosmos.

In the Google developer blog take the opportunity to inform how we could build our own solar system at home, indicating from how to download the SDK to how to configure and design the celestial bodies.

On the website of the project they show more characteristics, as well as a link for the application on Google Play, but it is necessary to have a tablet compatible with Project Tango, so most of us will only be enjoying the images presented.

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