Some Kindle can now display title covers on the lock screen

There are times when it makes one wonder how a new feature, given its peculiarities, has not become available long before, as is now the case with the official arrival of Display Cover to a number of models of Amazon Kindle e-book readers.

Until now, the only possibility for users of Kindle devices to display the covers of the titles they are reading, as a lock screen, was through a process of hacking the system of their respective units at their own risk.

It’s hard to believe that it took so long to bring it

But this will no longer be necessary, at least in the compatible Kindle models, which are several of those that do not have advertising support. In this regard, Display Cover is reaching the eighth and tenth generation of Kindle, the seventh and tenth generation of Kindle Paperwhite, the eighth, ninth and tenth generation of Kindle Oasis, and the seventh generation of Kindle Voyage.

Those interested in knowing if their Kindle device model is compatible, Amazon has a complete list for you to consult through this page.

On the other hand, users of advertising-supported Kindle devices have several ways to update their devices for the removal of advertising, as shown in this Reddit thread, which in principle would also allow them to benefit from using the new feature.

Amazon claims that Display Cover is compatible with most book, magazine, and even comic book covers. Compatible device users should begin to see the new Show Cover option in the settings menu of their Kindle devices.

Of course, it is a feature aimed at those who do not mind showing the titles they are currently reading, with others who prefer, for whatever reasons, to hide the titles they are reading from view.

As we pointed out at the beginning, it is a feature that should have been available for years, although it is now when it arrives and for certain Kindle models for those who want an even more complete experience, with a cover included.

It will be a matter of the compatible models being gradually updated to offer the new feature to the respective users based on their preferences.

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