Sony releases new version of Folding @ Home v2.0 for Android

Taking advantage of the fact that there are already mobile devices on the market with sufficient processing power, Sony, in collaboration with a group of scientists from Stanford University, already brought the Folding @ Home distributed computing project to the Android platform with the launch of its corresponding mobile application a while back.

Today, it launches a new version, belonging to Folding @ Home 2.0, which incorporates a series of new features, led by the incorporation of a new user interface, which aims to increase the contribution time by introducing gamified elements, Allowing users to earn achievements while competing against friends, the company states in its ad.

Other novelties of this new version are the incorporation of the support for use on devices when they are being charged wirelessly, obviously for those who support this type of load, the possibility of using the same account in Google Game Services on multiple devices, making it possible In this way, achieve more achievements, eliminating the configuration screen and knowing the details of the investigation through the Type of investigation option.

For those users who want to use the idle times of their mobile devices to add their processing capacity to the Folding @ Home 2.0 project, they should know that the Android application is compatible with Android phones and tablets from version 4.4 onwards , being freely available through Google Play. Of course, they must make sure that they have their WiFi connections enabled in order to collaborate offering processing time.

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