Sony shows a sneak peek at new VR controllers for the PS5

Sony now wanted to offer a new preview of the new virtual reality controller that they are preparing to play a fundamental role in the virtual reality experience that they will try to bring to PS5 players in the near future.

The Japanese company has set out to make this experience offer a deeper sensation of presence and a stronger immersion, betting on integrating key features available in Dualsense wireless controllers along with others that will allow new touch experiences to be unlocked.

Seeking to give a feeling of deeper immersion in the games

The new controller will add to the ecosystem of accessories that have come with the PS5.

From the outset, it stands out its unique orb-shaped design with which, they say, allows the controller to be held more naturally while allowing movements with a high degree of freedom, eliminating all kinds of restrictions on hand movements, together in addition to the excellent ergonomics, which also provides comfort when being held in each of the hands.

According to Sony:

We apply learnings from test users with a variety of hand sizes, as well as decades of controller knowledge across all PlayStation platforms. The result is an iconic design that will change the way virtual reality games are played.

At the feature level, the adaptive triggers stand out, with an adaptive trigger button on each controller, which adds palpable tension when pressed, similar to what is found on the DualSense controller.

There is also the hepatic feedback to feel the nuances and textures of the environment in which each game takes place; finger touch detection to detect your fingers without pressing on the areas where you place your thumb, forefinger, or middle finger to allow for more natural gestures; tracking through the new VR glasses through the tracking ring available at the bottom of the controller; as well as the different action buttons and the analog sticks that will be available on the controllers for each of the hands.

Sony notes that the prototypes of the new controllers will soon reach the developer community with which they hope to achieve the creation of next generation virtual reality games, waiting to know what ideas come from their imagination.

The company promises to bring more news about the development of virtual reality for the PS5.

Therefore, be attentive to the next news that will arrive along the way.

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