Sony tests its own Netflix for PS4 and PS5 users with PS Plus subscription

Consumption habits change over time, forcing companies to modify their supply of services to current demand. In this regard, Sony is testing an alternative to the PlayStation Store, the online store where users of PlayStation consoles can purchase and rent movies and television shows, which will stop operating on August 31.

In this sense, Sony is testing a service similar to Netflix in Poland, as revealed in a leak yesterday, and now it has just been officially confirmed by the company itself.

Looking for more value added to PS Plus subscriptions

The new service in testing comes under the name of PlayStation Plus Video Pass and will come in the form of an application for users of PS4 and PS5 consoles with an active subscription to PS Plus and at no additional cost, according to the vice president of global services at Sony Interactive. Entertainment, Nick Maguire, to the Polish website Spider.

From the outset, the service will have 15 films and six television programs from Sony Pictures, whose catalog will increase quarterly until the end of the test, which will last one year.

Sony relied on specific data to choose Poland as the place to test its new service, and it is currently unknown whether the company intends to extend it to other territories.

The company wants to know which titles are most viewed and how often among PS Plus subscribers. Sony has the advantage of having a huge catalog of films and television programs, being the owner of the Funimation and Crunchyroll platforms, specialized in anime content, the latter acquired last December from AT&T.

In addition, very recently, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Netflix signed an agreement, valued at more than one billion dollars, according to specialized media, whereby the films that Sony will release in theaters in 2022, will later go to the Netflix catalog. , being available exclusively for a period of 18 months.

It will be a matter of waiting for the tests to conclude so that Sony can move a tab according to the results obtained in this test, with which it tries to increase the added value of the PS Plus subscriptions, competing with the subscription offers of rival companies such as Microsoft. , which also tries to hit the gas for the benefit of its respective users.

Image Credit: Sony

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