Sony would have to make twice as many PS5s as it had planned

The new coronavirus has made many people have to stay at home without many things to do, and that has increased the demand for consoles, according to some reports published in both Bloomberg and Nikkei.

Sony had planned to manufacture about 5 million consoles, 5 million PS5s to serve its consumers during the summer of this 2020, but it seems that they have had to double the number, and 10 million are expected, according to Bloomberg, or nine according to Nikkei.

To find out how many consoles to manufacture, you have to carry out an important analysis of the past and of social networks today.

The PS4 was originally released in November 2013, and Sony sold 4.2 million in that year. Apparently now they think they will be able to sell more than double.

But it is not only Sony, Facebook will also increase the production of its Virtual Reality glasses, with a forecast of selling 2 million this year, 50% more than what they sold in 2019.

Since shipments are made from China, and logistics are still heavily affected by the pandemic, there may be delays, just as Nintendo suffered with its Switch console.

The numbers of how many Xbox consoles Microsoft is making have not yet been released, but it seems unlikely that it will manage to reach those impressive leaked numbers.

On the other hand, it would not be unusual for the leaked information to be part of some advertising strategy of the company itself, so, once again, it is important to take the data with a grain of salt.

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