Soundcloud founders create electric bike subscription service

Electric bicycles are not just a fad, they are an effective method of urban commuting that is spreading around the world, both with owned bikes and with shared and rental bikes. It is not about doing sports, it is about moving, moving from one place to another, and in that there is no color: anyone can use an electric bicycle, even if they are in bad physical shape.

Now three veterans of the startup world have created a new system, that of subscription electric bikes, E-bikes-as-a-Service. It was the founders of SoundCloud and Jimdo who introduced Dance, something real thanks to European investors.

The program is only available by invitation, and only in Berlin, at the moment, and is priced at 59 per month. With that money, the user will have access to an electric bicycle of their own design, with an app on the mobile to register and forget about maintenance or theft. The user alerts Dance through the app and the bike is replaced immediately.

It is a state-of-the-art electric bicycle, one of which is worth more than 2,000 euros and that we could never have parked in the street (if an 800-euro electric bicycle was stolen from me in Barcelona, ​​imagine a 2,000-euro one).

We have the details in, where they do not give technical details of the bicycles, but they do give information about what they want and the jobs that are open (they are looking for people to continue growing in Europe).

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