Spike 2.0, to mix email, notes, tasks, documents and more in a single platform

From day to day we live changing platforms to be able to carry out daily activities.

We jump from Gmail to Google Docs, we go through Todoist to see what we have pending and zoom or google Meet for the video conference on duty, without forgetting Google Keep for the notes.

Spike wants to change that, and has released version 2.0 to be more than just an email client with extras. Now in version 2.0, they offer applications to collaborate on documents with coworkers, take meeting notes, manage to-do lists or chat with the team, all from the Spike Inbox.

Non-Spike users can collaborate with us in real time without downloading an app or creating an account.

In summary, we can say that version 2.0 includes:

– Personal notes to capture thoughts as they arrive – Documents with real-time collaboration, chat and comments even with people who don’t use Spike – File storage in the cloud for any type of file with synchronization on all devices (with space limited in the free version) .– Integrated task management in the inbox.

All this together with the email of a lifetime, something that Google has had to do with its Gmail for a long time. Here you have it on video:

That means we can reply to an email, resolve a comment on a document, and mark a task within a Unified Inbox.

In their pro version they also include video chat, as we can see on their website

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