spotfindr, the best places to shoot with drones

There are places that meet two of the best conditions to record with a drone: the landscape is wonderful and the legislation allows it. The web that I am telling you today compiles places of this type.

This is, the new version of a website that was born two years ago.

The creator has decided to redesign the entire web, where it already has more than 1,500 places around the world that are ideal for flying over with drones.

From the application it is possible to share places that we know, so that other users can enjoy an area suitable for this type of activity.

With spotfindr we can not only share places, but also see the drone restrictions in each region and see live weather data.

Once the desired point on the map has been selected, we will see the location’s file. In it we will have its details along with some photos and, if it is available, a link to a YouTube video that shows the wonders of the discovered point.

In addition to the web, they have apps for Android and iOS, ideal for sharing new places from a safe place, since by installing an app and being identified as a user, the amount of spam on the map is reduced.

In the link of we have the links to the apps and the web, so that you can download the apps and enjoy their social networks.

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