Spotify acquires CrowdAlbum, aggregator of images and videos of musical events

Spotify continues to join efforts to become the preferred music streaming platform for users as well as for the artists themselves, as we have already seen in the different initiatives it has carried out to facilitate artists to easily connect with their audience. .

In this sense, the company announces the acquisition of CrowdAlbum, a small platform based in San Francisco and existing since 2013 dedicated to collecting images and videos of musical events generating visual stories, having worked for 1,000 artists and associated venues in the United States. United. Spotify has not released the details of the deal, nor does it clarify the future of the service CrowdAlbum offers.The idea of ​​acquisition, as it has been done in recent times, focuses on the development of specific tools for the artists themselves. In this sense, the CrowdAlbum team will join the same Spotify team that recently launched both Spotify Fan Insights, to facilitate artists to better understand their own Spotify audiences, such as Concerts, focused on promoting artist shows to the most popular fans. regulars.

It will only be a matter of time to know what will be the new tools that they launch so that the artists themselves can reach their audiences more clearly and reach new users, and also, have more ability to promote and monetize their works.

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