Spotify installs malware on our computer through ads

Spotify installs malware on our computer through ads

Many users are complaining about malware on Spotify, specifically if we don’t have a premium account.

Advertising is always an uncomfortable travel companion, and if not to tell websites like this that live on these ads but at the same time are aware that not everyone likes them.

The worst thing about serving advertising, without a doubt, is that sooner or later something bad happens, someone presses the button that they shouldn’t press, someone ignores what they should watch, or someone directly doesn’t do their job.

Why Spotify makes the browser download files

That’s the situation Spotify is in right now, after multiple users have come across malware on their computer after running Spotify.

The only thing all users have in common is that they do not have a Premium accountSo they have to see and hear announcements; something that many people perfectly support and that is not a problem, but in this case it has turned out to be fatal.

The problems start when we start Spotify on the desktop; thereafter, from time to time our default browser will open automatically and try to download links to malicious executables, which hopefully are detected by our antivirus.

As always when something similar happens, the first thing to look at is if there is an external factor causing this behavior, but several different users, on different operating systems (up to Ubuntu Linux) they are having the same problem.

Ads, the culprits of malware on Spotify

Everything indicates that the culprits are the ads, and that Spotify has sneaked in on advertisers who are including links in ads, that Spotify tries to open automatically by sending them to the browser; This alone is already a serious security problem, since it depends on what Spotify confides in the advertisers, and as we have just seen, these are not always legit.

Don’t use Spotify on desktop without Premium account

This is not the first time that Spotify has had problems with advertising, since in 2011 (it seems like an eternity ago, right?), The company was accused of serving malicious ads.

At the moment the company has already confirmed that it has listened to users and is investigating any possible problems. So for the moment, Do not use Spotify on the desktop if you do not have a Premium account.

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