Spotify launches a new version of Car Thing limited to some Premium users

Despite the fact that Spotify does not want to become a hardware company, as it stated about two years ago, the truth is that today they have just launched a different version of their Car Thing device with respect to the version we met a few years ago.

The new version is a version specifically designed for somewhat older vehicles, offering a four-inch color touch screen accompanied by a dial and a button on the right side, being compatible with the Hey Spotify voice commands that the company specializing in audio transmission launched last week in its application, although users can customize up to four shortcuts on the screen.

Designed for older vehicles

You just have to see the photos available on its official website to see that it looks more like a GPS device. This device is currently available to select account users Premium in the United States, they can get it for free, paying only the shipping costAlthough the idea is that it will cost about $ 80 once it is available for sale to the general public.

Those who wish to do so can join a list to get an invitation that allows them to obtain this device for their vehicles, remembering that for now it is for Premium users in the United States.

This version It also includes some types of support for fixing it to vehicles, as well as different power solutions. Of course, the idea is that the new device is linked to the mobile phone itself and this is connected by any possible method with the vehicle’s audio system., or what is the same, is not intended to be connected directly to the vehicle’s audio system.

Car Thing allow users can listen to their favorite songs, playlists and podcasts throughout the journey. To avoid distraction, its four microphones will be able to hear requests, even in noisy conditions with open windows.

This device will have to deal with other existing solutions, such as Android Auto, the driving mode of Google Assistant, as well as the own capabilities for cars integrated in the Spotify application itself, so it does not know if it will be successful, being also a product to be used exclusively with your own service.

More information: Car Thing official website

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