Spotify launches its own virtual assistant in the application for hands-free control

After more than a year of development, as Jane Manchun Wong discovered in March of last year, Spotify is beginning to launch its own voice control system on its mobile application for Android and iOS platforms, which will work as long as users already have the application open.

In this sense, users can start with the Hey Spotify activation command to continue with the request to be made, allowing from playing a song, a playlist (including the Daily Mix lists), or a radio station, to Voice controls for playback, that is, pause, play and go to the next track.

It will add to the voice control possibilities of other assistants

This new possibility or is coming at a time when users have been able to use any of the virtual assistants established in the market for some time to manage their Spotify accounts through voice commands, including well-known assistants such as Alexa, Siri and the Google Assistant.

In The Verge they realize that there may be users who must activate this manually from the configuration options, and they believe that its arrival can serve as a prelude to the launch of hardware products, remembering that in 2019 they were already conducting tests with Car Thing to bring an assistant to the vehicles, although they also consider the possibility that over the next year they may arrive with their own compatible headphones.

In any case, we do not know to what extent the arrival of the virtual assistant itself could be useful, being less functional than virtual assistants already on the market, since Spotify’s own option will only work when the application is already open, even if it is working. in the background within mobile devices.

It will be a matter of the events taking place, according to Spotify’s plans, although at the moment there are many doubts pending to be resolved, although it is clear that Spotify is showing quite ambitious, so it is not surprising that it is going down the road. expanding its capabilities beyond what it offers through its application to also bet on its own hardware products.

Today, it will be in our hands to decide whether to use your new track or to continue using the tracks that we have been using to date, unless future movements of the company make it more advisable to use your new method, which we assume will grow its possibilities. over time.

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