Spotify launches two lists for the discovery of podcasts among the most popular

Spotify continues to bet heavily on podcasts, as it has been demonstrating since the beginnings of podcasts on the platform. Now, in order to make it easier for users to discover new podcasts to subscribe to once they have listened to all those they have pending, the company is launching two lists: Top Podcasts and Trending Podcast, now coming to 26 different markets, including Spain, in the Spotify mobile application for Android and iOS.

The Top Podcasts will be classified in the list according to the raw traffic, while the Trending Podcasts will be classified according to the upward trend of traffic they are receiving, according to each market, offering a ratio of 200 and 50 podcasts, respectively.

Also, in certain markets, including Brazil, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, the UK, and the US, the audio streaming platform goes further and digs deep into traffic data to separate Top Podcasts across different categories, up to a total of 17.

Such categories will be the following: Art, Business, Comedy, Education, Fiction, Health and Fitness, History, Leisure, Music, News, Religion and Spirituality, Science, Society and Culture, Sports, Technology, True Crime, and TV and Movies , offering a total of 200 podcasts in each category, which makes it easier for users to describe new podcasts within a specific topic.

The platform will also update the Spotify experience for Podcasters to notify podcasts in case their podcasts are included in some of the lists, and thus they can communicate it to their audiences in the form of visual cards that they can share through their social networks.

There is no doubt that Spotify wants to be the reference platform for podcasters, in competition with Apple Music, so today’s announcement is one more step in its great commitment to this type of sound format for those who like to listen to podcasts. .

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