Spotify makes it easy to keep up with virtual artist events

Spotify wants to make it easier for you to follow the live events of your favorite artists. And for this, it is adding new platforms for the transmission of online events.

So a new dynamic and more platforms join Spotify to follow the artists’ scheduled online events from one place.

So you can follow the virtual events of your favorite artists on Spotify

If you take a look at the profiles of the artists you follow on Spotify, you will see that there is a section called See all concerts that lists all scheduled tours, recitals or live events. Or you can go to the Search tab and select Concerts to see all the virtual or physical events near your location.

Spotify shows you the dates, locations and how to get tickets or register to attend these events through Ticketmaster or Songkick. Now this dynamic is extended thanks to a new partnership of Spotify with new platforms for streaming virtual events, such as NoCap,, StageIt and Mandolin.

Although Spotify does not coordinate these events, as it is a process between the artists and the corresponding platforms, it makes it easy for users to discover this information and directs them to the source platform for more information.

An interesting dynamic that prevents users from having to search in different media for virtual events that their favorite artists carry out from different sources. And this virtual event discovery system in the Spotify app is complemented by notifications and emails with recommendations based on user preferences.

In the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, these push notifications will be shown to users 24 to 48 hours before the virtual event takes place as reminders to users. But don’t worry, you won’t miss any details if you search for events on Spotify from the two options we mentioned before.

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