Spotify now allows you to invite remote contacts to Group Sessions

Spotify is now taking a new step in its recent group listening feature, which is still available in beta.

Since its launch a few months ago, the feature of Group Sessions has made it possible for hosts have been able to incorporate into their listening groups those contacts who were physically close, since they must scan the QR code with their mobiles from the screen of the hosts’ mobiles in order to be part of the groups, granting them access not only to simultaneously listening to the contents, but also to controlling the playback of themselves.

Now, Spotify releases the new version of this feature, also allowing group listening sessions to be shared with remote contacts, regardless of the physical distance in which they are anywhere in the world, to be part of the same groups.

For this, the hosts should provide an invite link to their remote contacts so they can join and be part of their groups, in which they can also listen to the same content simultaneously, and even control playback in the same way, being able to pause or resume playback if necessary, add tracks to the queue, among other possibilities.

That is, according to Spotify, they will be able to participate in the Group Sessions up to a maximum of five users in each session, and also remains only available to users who have accounts Premiumfor both hosts and guests.

Those hosts of group listening sessions who do not yet have this new possibility, it will be a matter of time before this news reaches their own accounts. It is undoubtedly an interesting feature that basically it seeks to encourage users to become subscribers Premium to enjoy features that you may want to use, avoiding the need to search for other, perhaps not so easy, media to share music and podcasts with your friends.

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