Spotify now creates a custom playlist for your workout routine

Spotify is adding an interesting feature for those who use the app for their training routines.

Although Spotify already has several playlists designed to train and perform different sports activities, now it wants to go a step further with a more personalized dynamic.

For Spotify to create a playlist that adapts to your needs, you will have to answer a series of questions, since it is not the same if you spend an hour walking to spend 15 minutes doing cardio.

For example, it will ask you how long your training lasts, what type of exercises you will do or what you would like the playlist to include. In addition, it will ask you if you will exercise alone or with company. It is an interesting detail, since it allows the children of the house to be included to add songs taking this criterion into account.

You can choose from 15 minutes for short sessions to 2 hours if you are considering a longer workout. This playlist can be music only or include podcasts, depending on your settings. And for your playlist to help you meet your exercise goal, you can establish what your attitude is, for example, if you are ready to start, if you are in Zen mode or you need motivation.

And of course, you will also have to establish what kind of genre you like so that the songs that are included will suit your preferences. Once you finish all the configuration it gives you the option to upload a cover art for your playlist and add a name.

A few seconds later you will have your playlist created in your library, ready to listen. To start this process you just have to go to this link and log in with your premium account.

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