Spotify officially launches its Premium subscription for couples

After more than a year in the testing phase in certain markets, and with the arrival of July, the heat and free time, Spotify is officially launching its new subscription Premium Duo, explicitly aimed at couples living under the same roof, reaching a total of 55 markets, including Spain.

This new subscription will cost about 12.99 / month, with the first month free, offering a Premium account to each person so that they can enjoy your favorite music and podcast completely independently, according to your tastes and musical preferences, avoiding having to take turns to access your favorite music.

In addition, both people will obtain in common, in their respective accounts, a new exclusive, regularly updated playlist called Duo Mix, made based on the musical preferences of both, taking into account the genres, artists and songs that each one listens separately.

The Premium Duo subscription offers an interesting monthly saving compared to those who have a totally independent Premium subscription or who are enrolled in the Premium Family subscription, at a higher cost and designed for when there are more members living in the same house, and whose rumors point to the possibility that later it may rise in price.

Those who already have a Premium subscription, can easily switch to Premium Duo subscription, simply by visiting their Account page within and changing their subscription to Premium Duo, keeping your Premium account always together with your music, podcasts, playlists and recommendations.

The only requirement is that both people live at the same physical address. For Spotify, it’s the first audio offering of its kind for just two people in the same household.

With this movement, Spotify wants to make its service more attractive to users who are willing to pay for it, offering various alternatives so that each one can be accommodated according to their needs.

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