Spotify tests a new feature to boost podcasts

Spotify has been very active adding features that improve podcast dynamics and reignite user interest.

We have already seen how its redesign has put podcasts in a more prominent place, and new options that give episodes a bonus. And to reinforce its commitment to podcast content in 2020, it has added personalities like Michelle Obama.

Along these lines, it is testing a new option that will allow users to share appointment cards taken from podcast episodes. This option is not visible when you go through the episodes of a podcast, but they are activated when you play. Under Quotes from the episode there is a carousel of colored cards with fragments of the conversation, which can be shared on social networks or saved in a personal note app.

It is only necessary to select one of them for Spotify to show the options to share it on different social networks. You can see an example in the screenshots shared by Christina Jovanna Olivarez on Twitter. Along with the quote, the card mentions who owns it and at what minute of the episode that fragment is mentioned.

It’s a simple way to share podcast ideas with our friends and contacts. And of course, an excellent option to open a conversation about certain topics or exchange opinions. At the moment, the test only appears to include the Michelle Obama podcast and is only available to a small group of users.

We’ll see if Spotify decides to implement this new option to all users in the future, or fall by the wayside as one of the many experimental features.

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