Spotify will also become a competitor of Clubhouse

Spotify will try to become over the next few months the new rival to Clubhouse, joining Twitter Spaces, Telegram, Discord, and whatever other proposals are added along the way, as it is sure to appear, since it is the current fashion.

In this sense, the platform that long ago bet strongly on podcasts, in a short time it will also reach the segment of live audio conversations. To do this, the company is acquiring Betty Labs, the company behind the live audio application Locker Room, focused on the world of sports, without the financial terms of the agreement having been made public for now.

Spotify unlock another possibility related to audio

From Spotify they intend to improve the Locker Room experience, for which not only change its name, but also open to a wider range of creators, beyond those authorized by Spotify, also generating a varied program in a room. series of themes beyond sport.

New interactive functions such as AMAs will also arrive, with which athletes, creators, composers and other relevant people can connect with their followers, and from the platform they could also be working to bring Locker Room to Android, taking into account that this application is Only available for iOS through the Apple App Store.

For now, the idea is to keep both applications separate, although it is possible that in the future some or all of the functions may be brought to the main Spotify application.

New forms of content monetization will also be investigated. Spotify, as we have long known, bets on podcasts as a profession to make a living from, so it is not surprising that it can also bet that people who start live audio conversations can also monetize their work, since in practice these live conversations can be viewed as live podcasts.

Spotify’s commitment to live audio conversations complement the capabilities currently offered by the popular audio streaming platform, thus increasing competition in the growing segment of audio chat rooms, with a Clubhouse that sees little by little The competition is growing, and with a Twitter Spaces that is gradually advancing towards its total opening.

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