Spotify works on the implementation of music videos

Apparently it won’t take long for music videos to hit Spotify. A discovery published by Jane Wong, an informant specialized in searching for hidden functions within popular applications, points out that the streaming music service would be working on their implementation.

In spite of knowing in the last time some approaches of the service of Swedish origin to the audiovisual format, this eventual future function will allow it to regain an advantage that services of its competition such as YouTube Music and Apple Music currently have.

Jane Manchun Wong’s reports are a recurring source of information about the new steps taken by the developers of the most commonly used applications, thanks to the research she carries out using reverse engineering techniques.

According to a screenshot posted by Wong, Spotify is working on implementing video content alongside the songs.

The image gives to presume that they were music videos, probably the official clips of each song, as it is a section directly linked to the song that is being played.

Through a system of tabs, the image attached to Wong’s report on Twitter shows that during playback it would be possible to alternate between the traditional cover view of a song, Canvas mode (which consists of a short looping video, generally allusive to the song). song, although it is also used for advertising purposes) and the newly discovered video mode.

The inclusion of videos in Spotify goes beyond a mere interface issue. If that jump takes place, the reach of this platform will be even greater. For the existing catalog, this would involve the acquisition of new broadcasting rights in large volumes and also, seen from another angle, would open an opportunity for those independent projects that distribute their music in a self-managed way, case for which Spotify offers several facilities.

Among Spotify’s direct competitors, the aforementioned YouTube Music and Apple Music have a superior advantage when it comes to videos. While the first service inherits the clips available on its parent platform and allows them to be played in the background, the second has to its credit the vast iTunes catalog, integrated into its interface along with the song library.

Drawing conclusions about what the image shows, the backbone of music playback will continue to be the sound element and the video clips, being in sync with the music track, could easily alternate.

There are also some doubts, such as the format in which the videos will be displayed. Music clips are typically recorded in horizontal aspect ratios, but Spotify’s interface is vertical. As long as this function is not something specific, we will not know if the audiovisual material will appear cropped or centered, if it was not created exclusively for use on this platform.

What is interesting is that, if a vertical aspect resolution predominates, a new precedent could be set in the way that artists choose to promote themselves, given the level of penetration that Spotify has in the world of music. With this, a phenomenon similar to that triggered by the arrival of Snapchat and later, Instagram Stories could be generated.

This advance, unofficially reported for now, could be the prelude to a major announcement by Spotify, confirming the changes that this news hints at. Lately, similar news that we have known, such as its commitment to video podcasts, confirm that one of its points of interest is in this area.

In addition, the elimination of the song storage limit in the music library of the service is another sign that this platform seeks to preserve the position granted by the preferences of its users, keeping its proposal fresh and aligned with the trends of digital content consumption in Spain. the actuality.

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