Squeeze Spotify with these websites and enjoy music even more

Squeeze Spotify with these websites and enjoy music even more

Spotify It is a fantastic service to listen to music anywhere and discover new artists, but with these websites you can complement the official application.

Unlimited music for just a few euros a month, or totally free if you accept the ads and some limitations in the mobile applications. That is the business model that Spotify has followed in recent years and it has not gone badly.

It has become a reference when it comes to talking about a streaming music service, its catalog of songs and artists continues to grow and neither does its community. All this has led him to surpass the more than 30 million Premium users. These web applications will allow you get even more out of Spotify.

Create Spotify lists with YouTube, SoundCloud and more lists

In the Network we can find millions of hours of music on sites like YouTube or SoundCloud, and in them we can also create our own playlists or take advantage of those that other users have created.

If you want to convert those playlists into Spotify playlists without having to search song by song, you can use Spotlistr.


Basically there are 4 online tools forconvert lists from YouTube,, SoundCloud and even subreddits in Spotify Playlists, generating them automatically and being able to add them to your account.

Find new artists on Spotify

Tired of always listening to them? There is a lot of talent to discover and many artists take advantage of platforms such as Spotify to reach the general public, the problem is that it is not so easy to find them.

Fresh faces

The Web Fresh faces could not have a better name. If we translate it we have something like fresh faces and that’s what it does: show artists who have released their first album on Spotify in the last two weeks. You can preview their music and, if you like, go directly to their Spotify profile.

Create video lists with your playlists

In Spotify we find music, a lot of music, but not the official videos of the songs, for this we usually resort to YouTube.

Vidfish, music video charts

Instead of doing it by hand, the web vidfish allows us to connect our Spotify account and create playlists ofvideos from our playlistsAutomatically.Also, from your own website we can also create video lists generated from a musical genre or an artist. Very cool for parties.

Discover new genres and reach unknown artists

More than 1,400 different musical genres live on Spotify and it is very likely that you do not know them all, not only how they sound, but their names.

Every Noise at Once shows thousands of genres on a white background as a scatterplot. Specifically there are the1496 genres of Spotify And you can imagine that there will be some that you have never seen.

Every Noise at Once

The point is that you can click to listen to an example preview of this genre and if you click on the arrows >> that appear next to its name, you will go to a cloud of artists that belong to that style. Again, you can pre-listen to it and, if you like, press the >> again and access its Spotify.

Also, don’t miss these options for create perfect music lists:

And if you are thinking about going Premium, take a look at the Spotify Family option, with which you can share the same account Premium and save you a few euros.

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