Stories Now, to read news sites in Stories format

Stories allow you to read a lot of content in a short time, at least the headlines, and have become a fever in the world of communication and entertainment.

There are many companies that are betting on this format, from Google to Instagram, through Twitter, Linkedin and, of course, Snapchat, but there are not many media that have resources to create reduced versions of their headlines in this format.

This is where Stories Now comes in, an app for Android and iOS that offers the possibility of subscribing to different media to read their content in the format of stories. The app takes the photo of each news and puts the title on top with the format that you can see in the upper screenshot, and part of the description corresponds to the body of the news. If we are interested in reading more, we just have to swipe from bottom to top to visit the news in the original medium.

In this Tiktok (click here) you have the appearance of WWWhatsnew in Stories Now.

As soon as we open the app we will have a series of recommended means, and we can subscribe with a simple click. We can also add other means by putting your feed in the app, so that it will appear on our main page immediately.

To refresh the content we will have to slide the main page from top to bottom, and to change from one story to another, just press with the finger on the right or left area, just as we would in any other story navigation app.

A fantastic idea that can go a long way toward reaching new audiences.

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