Storyboards, the new thing from Flipboard to create content collections on any subject

Flipboard, the popular application that allows users to keep up to date with their favorite topics through a magazine-style format, has just officially released the Storyboards, the first of the new features to be part of the new Curator Pro tool, with which users can create short visual collections of content available on the web on specific topics, either to delve into a specific news item, to inspire other users on a given topic, or to show the evolution or trend in a certain category, among other possibilities.

For Mike McCue, CEO of Flipboard, Storyboards are a new kind of curation (content curation) that allows creators to present a larger image, important summary coverage, or even multiple sides of a story.

For this, users can use articles available on the web, as well as images, videos, podcasts, even tweets and any other content they find on the web.

In addition, Storyboards will have their own metrics that will allow creators to know the number of views they receive, the likes they receive, the comments that arrive, among other social interactions.

Even in addition to offering a better way to structure the selected content, being able to be divided into different sections, the creators also They can highlight different products and earn money by affiliating links.

The company understands that Storyboards They are complementary to their magazines, and include the possibility of being shared also by email and on the main social networks. In addition, magazines will be able to include Storyboards as part of their content, and vice versa, and will soon receive new capabilities.

Users will be able to access the available Storyboards either through the Today tab, through the Explore button on the navigation bar, and even through their creators who are being followed.

For now, this new feature may be used by editors, bloggers and verified users in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia, that is, from English-speaking countries, although already during this summer, it will expand to France, Germany, Italy and Spain as part of its expected global expansion.

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