Super Smart Electric Toothbrush Launched Soon

Oclean is about to launch a new product, the electric toothbrush Oclean Xpro Elite, which represents the advent of super smart electric toothbrushes.

This is the result of Oclean’s silent technology, once again breaking the shackles of industrial technology. Compared with other brands, Oclean is the first to deeply integrate intelligence and silence, and optimizes toothbrush sound, brushing comfort, best cleaning force and intelligent user control, giving users an new super smart brushing experience.

Quieter– The industry’s first active ultrasonic noise reduction and silence technology, working sound 45db, compared to similar brands, the sound is at least 20db lower.

Cleaner– The cleaning system has been greatly improved, the oscillation of the brush head is widened, and DuPont diamond bristles are used to maximize the density of the bristles. While protecting the gum enamel, it can clean between teeth and provide a more thorough cleaning experience.

More friendly: Optimize the OS operating system, deeply integrate the app and LCD touch screen, and add responsive modes and natural wake-up functions to provide users with a more user-friendly human-computer interaction experience.

More versatileAdopts the wireless charging technology common to three well-known brands of mobile phones, and is at the forefront of wireless charging applications in the industry, charging in 3.5h.

The Oclean Xpro Elite Super Smart Electric Toothbrush is reported to be available for pre-sale and launch activities on the Aliexpress, Amazon and eBay platforms starting March 29. The price during the event is $ 59.99. After the event is over, it will be reset to the official daily price of $ 69.99. (Similar products from other brands sell for more than $ 100)

The pre-sale period is the subscription period (March 29 to April 5). During this period, users who place orders will have the opportunity to get free orders and get a Xiaomi electric scooter, an S1 toothbrush sterilizer, a travel box, a free toothbrush head replacement and other gifts.

In the first launch period (April 6-20), users who make purchases will have the opportunity to get replacement toothbrush heads, free orders and a giveaway for Xiaomi M34 + 128G smartphones.

Unlike other brands, Oclean develops products with the core concept of leading oral care experts. The Oclean laboratory has collected hundreds of thousands of global oral pathology data samples, combined with the big data from users’ brushing information, and based on the science of oral pathology, data analysis is performed to provide users professional tooth brushing programs and help users with professional oral health care. Your new super smart electric toothbrush will definitely bring more surprises to the user experience!

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