Superstrata bicycle, made of carbon fiber with 3D printing, only 1.3 kg

One of the aspects that we most often pay attention to in electric bicycles is that they have an adequate weight that facilitates their use and transport, so for some time now, we are seeing that electric bicycles are being launched increasingly light and without giving up other benefits.

And with that in mind, Arevo, a Silicon Valley company, wants to go further by offering lightness and durability. For this, the company will not rely on the usual manufacturing processes, instead using a bicycle manufacturing system using carbon fiber through 3D printing.

With this not only gain lightness and, thanks to the thermoplastic compound used, robustness and shock resistance, but there is yet another advantage: the user get a bike with the custom unibody frame according to your weight size, size, driving style and preferences.

That is, the carbon fiber unibody bicycle frame manufacturing process not only moves away from the laborious traditional manufacturing processes, but also allows the customization to each individual, and also, thanks to the use of standard components, users may be able to have their own units repaired, if necessary, at the nearest bicycle workshops.

Arevo plans to launch two Superstrata bike models: Superstrata Terra, which is a fully manual bicycle, and Superstrata Ion, the electric version of Superstrata, with the usual features typical of electric bicycles, looking for the former to have a weight of around 1.3 kg.

For this, the company is already offering its crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo, and that 31 days after it ends, it is close to exceeding 800% of the established financing goal, which is why it is having a notable success, all its rewards are still available.

As we already know, the sponsors will obtain discounts in the campaign with respect to the prices at which it will later go on the market. In this sense, Superstrata Terra can be obtained for about 1,799 dollars (1,200 dollars for the first 500 orders) in relation to the 2,799 dollars that will be on the market later. And Superstrata Ion can be had for $ 2,500 ($ 1,799 for the first orders) in relation to the $ 3,999 it will be on the market later.

Arevo points out that its bikes will be 61 times stronger than steel, 51 times stronger than aluminum, and 15 times stronger than titanium, while also being stronger than competitive carbon fiber bikes.

If it wasn’t enough Superstrata bike frames are also recyclable.

As always, all the information is available on the official website of the campaign.

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