Tab Text (Chrome), to take synchronized notes in each new tab

We have already spoken to you on previous occasions about different tools that are very useful when taking notes from the browser, such as ThoughtPad. On this occasion, Tab Text has caught our attention, a simple free extension for Google Chrome with which we can take notes every time we open a new tab.

One of the biggest features of Tab Text is its simple operation: you just have to install the mentioned extension and every time we open a new Tab Text tab, it will be there to make note taking easier. Without a doubt, it is a most useful tool for all those who are interested in quickly writing down different things throughout the day, since it is not necessary to open any additional application.

In addition to this, another of the most striking features of the extension is the fact that the notes we take will be synchronized between all our devices in which we use Google Chrome. In other words, you can see the notes you take from your computer in one place, smartphone or tablet

If it has caught your attention, you can download the extension we are talking about through the following link to the Chrome Web Store.

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