tagove, videoconference and chat for visitors to your website

On many occasions it is necessary to have a chat channel that allows visitors to a website to communicate with those responsible for it. This is especially important in online stores, where customers need to eliminate doubts, or in company sites that offer some product or service, even if it is not online.

Applications that integrate with a website to display a chat, there are many, of the most diverse types, including some that integrate with slack, so that we could serve visitors to our website using the chat platform that we usually use in the job.

Now we present tagove, a solution that, in addition to offering chat, also offers video conferencing. We just have to include the code they offer to display a component similar to the one you see in the upper screenshot, where the visitor will have to click on the phone icon to make a call or on the camera icon to start videoconferencing with people found behind the website.

In many occasions the user needs to maintain direct visual contact with the person who is serving, and in those cases it is difficult to send them to Skype, it is best to have the video solution prepared and integrated right there. It is a risky bet, since when Skype allows integrating its component without plugins on any website, the competition will be enormous, but in the meantime, not many offer something like that.

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