Tamagotchi Pix, the evolution of the Tamagotchi, now allows you to take selfies

Surely many of you remember the old and beloved Tamagotchi, the digital pet that we had to feed and care for years ago so that it did not die on our device.

These little devices were revived in 2017 after 20 years, and the latest version, the $ 60 Tamagotchi Pix, has a digital camera that allows kids to take selfies with their virtual pets.

Bandai America launched in 2017 a revamped version of the Tamagotchi in a world conquered by mobile phones, then it came with a color screen, wireless interactivity and even virtual weddings, and now it wants to turn heads with its integrated camera, a camera oriented towards back and no screen or mirror on the back to frame a shot.

The photos it captures cannot be shared, but it does include a mock social feed that allows kids to share photos without parents having to worry about monitoring online interactions.

Another thing the camera can do: if we want to feed the pet, we can photograph real food. All food is worth the same points, since the system does not recognize the type of food captured.

Although there is no wireless connectivity, the Pix can allow children to schedule play dates, exchange gifts with other users, and even access new content from the Internet through the use of Tama Codes: a variation of the QR codes that the Tamagotchi’s camera can use. to recognize.

It also has three touch-sensitive buttons that allow new types of interactions, since we can slide our fingers back and forth as a way to show affection to the virtual pet.

This new Tamagotchi Pix cannot be found outside of Japan yet, but all the other models are on Amazon.

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