Tarform Luna, an electric motorcycle loaded with futurism and avant-garde

It would be at the end of 2018 when the motorcycle manufacturer Tarform, based in New York City and Stockholm, Sweden, will present the Tarform Luna, its prototype electric motorcycle in which its elegant, sporty and elegant design stood out. futuristic, complemented by high-end specifications reflected in its modular battery and technologies that had not been adopted until then in the motorcycle sector.

However, the startup took its ambitions with this electric motorcycle to the point of perfectionism, thereby causing a delay in the launch date that had already been set.

Finally, more than a year later, the company has brought us two versions of the Tarform Luna: the Tarform Luna Racer Edition and the Scrambler Edition, both of which are part of the Founders Edition production line.

For the launch edition, the models are expected to reach their owners’ destination later this year, while the standard versions will have to wait a little longer, being available by 2021.

Regarding their sale price, Tarform has not yet set a value for these versions, to which other elements such as a cushion signed by hlin will be assigned additionally, a privilege that will not be present in the standard versions.

With the result obtained in the design of the Tarform Luna, the wide range of possibilities that electric motorcycles provide to engineers to break out of the conventional standards that characterize the manufacture of these vehicles is once again evident.

This is how we can appreciate in this model aluminum panels and precision parts designed with the help of a computer, contrasted in a perfect way to give life to a structure in which the elegant and the sporty are mixed with a touch of science fiction.

Along with this, the designers chose to provide the top of this electric motorcycle with a silhouette that resembles that of a fake gas tank in order to concentrate everything related to electronics there.

Characteristics of the Tarform Luna

Moving on to the technical specifications of the Tarform Luna, these also stand out; starting with his 41 kW electric motor (55 HP) in central position, which communicates with the rear wheel through a belt that makes possible the transfer of power.

Regarding its speed, the Tarform Luna offers an acceleration of up to 145 km / h, taking a time of 3.8 seconds to go from 0 to 96.5 km / h.

Continuing with the Tarform Luna battery, it has the capacity to generate a power of 10 kWh which, according to Tarform, is capable of giving this electric motorcycle a autonomy limit of 200 kilometers.

And it is precisely in the battery of the Tarform Luna where one of the best and most important technological innovations is concentrated: the modularity, an attribute that allows the owner to update the motorcycle after purchasing it

Along with this also highlights the presence of a blind spot detection system supported by a radar, the possibility of being able to carry out downloads related to the statistics of the routes and, finally, the start-up without a key, also called Sonic Aura acoustic sound system.

Despite the competition that the presence of other brands in the sector may represent, aspects such as the originality of its design and the effort put into the manufacture of the aluminum fairing and coatings by hand can favor the Tarform Luna in the sense of to endow it with exclusivity and make it more attractive for those who are looking for a unique and high-end motorcycle.

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