Taskcode, app to create and manage tasks with codes

Taskcode can be an interesting alternative for those users who do not want to complicate with task managers with too many options, since this app for iOS does not follow the traditional method.

Taskcode has a very different dynamic, since it allows you to create and manage all the pending tasks from a few simple codes.

That is, we will not find a menu with popular functions as in any manager, but we will have to use 7 codes to customize the format and organization of the tasks we create.

For example, to give a title to the task that we are going to create, we will have to write in quotes, if we want to put a due date we will use #, or to create subtasks we will use%, among other possibilities.

These 7 codes will be displayed in a menu when we start writing a note, or creating a task. We just have to choose the one that corresponds to create the effect or function that we want.

Following this dynamic, we can use labels, order tasks by creation or due dates, create lists, subtasks, schedule notifications, among other options.

The Taskcode team created this short tutorial to help users use the codes, so they can take a look to understand their dynamics, and explore the possibilities offered by this task manager.

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