Technology and the March Wikio Ranking

After a chat with Jrmy, one of those responsible for Wikio, I see that the ranking that will be published this Thursday (I leave it here with his permission, of course), brings news in the positions, although not in the main topic, of the 20 first.

The general list will be published at, quite similar to the specialized list of technology:

Technology continues to be the main protagonist of the blogs that head this type of list, the same happens with that of, which I leave below.

The reasons seem obvious:

– On the one hand, the lists are generated mainly from the number of links received by other blogs, where technology occupies a privileged space in most of them. Those of us who spend a lot of time working with computers, with hundreds of hours per month connected to the Internet, are the ones who have the most need to build a virtual identity or communicate and share news related to our work. The percentage of tech buffs with their own blog, feed reader usage, and search engine optimization skills is infinitely higher than that of philosophy buffs, for example.

– On the other hand, the world of technology is extremely dynamic. Every day there are hundreds of news that deserve to be disclosed and that will surely attract the attention of more users.

This trend is international. It is enough to check the list of the most referenced blogs in Europe to verify that technology is the protagonist, at the moment, in this medium.

Ranking Top 20 Wikio

1 Microsiervos2 ALT10403 Genbeta4 Enrique Dans’s blog5 Xataka6 Mangas Verdes7 FayerWayer8 Engadget Spanish9 Loogic10 Error50011 I can’t believe they invented it12 WWWhats new

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